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Tahiti 2005

  • In February, 2005 a scientific party departed from Papetee, Tahiti to sail into the roaring forties and fearsome fifties to hunt for 55 million year old sediment. These are my favourite pictures of more than 300 taken documenting this adventure.
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May 23, 2005


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I shall join you in Knitter Purgatory as well ;)


No one need ever know it was a mistake - it looks terrific! I bet the effect on the arms will be slenderizing, even - never a bad thing. (Unless you obsess about your bony elbows the way I've been doing since I posted the photo of my Clapotis this morning...)


..and the collar is in k1p1 rib! :-)

So, you must have done it on purpose. K1P1 in one place, K2P2 in another, and K3P3 in yet another place. Seems correct to me!


It looks great & no one will notice the difference in ribbing except you anyhow! :)

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